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Young people aged 16–24 are less likely to receive adequate mental health treatment and preventative support than any other age group in the UK despite a considerable increase in the number of people requesting help.

Whilst digital services have the potential to reach people more effectively at times when young people are at their most vulnerable, the services are fragmented and not often developed in collaboration with the most trusted youth mental health organisations in the UK. Our programme will listen to what the real issues may be, why these challenges have come about and if we can partner to help improve the system.

We aim to reach up to 500,000 young people by 2020.


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Samaritans Digital Transformation Partnership

We are proud to launch the Digital Transformation Partnership with the Samaritans under a new initiative announced in March 2019.

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New Philanthropy Capital Discovery Paper

We are working with New Philanthropy Capital. Our Discovery Paper will be published in Spring 2019 before defining the programme that we will undertake.

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