Registry Advisory Council

Establishing a new Nominet Registry Advisory Council 

Request for views 

Over the course of the past year the Board has considered how to create a clearer link between the membership and the company. With this aim, the Board has approved the formation of a new Nominet Registry Advisory Council.

Key features of the proposed Council include:

  • Segmental representation to reflect views of the various business models within our broad membership.
  • Positions on the Council will be filled through an open member election process on a one member, one vote basis.
  • The Council will be able to contribute thoughts and opinions directly to the senior executive management team and Board.
  • The Council will also meet with the Nominet UK Board of directors biannually to brief the Board on matters of relevance and importance to the Nominet membership.
  • In recognition of the commitment required to be a member of the Council, the positions will be remunerated.

We have provided a draft Terms of Reference to outline how the Council could operate and its areas of focus.

We would welcome the views of members on this draft and in particular in relation to the following areas:

  1. Scope & remit – are the areas outlined appropriate and will they enable Council members to provide effective input to the senior executive management team?
  2. Segmentation – we feel it is important that the composition of the Council is representative of the different types and scale of the businesses that make up Nominet’s membership. Are the segments identified correct or would a different approach enable more effective representation of the segments of the membership?
  3. Election and appointment – we recognise that we need to balance the time it will take for the Council to establish effective working relationships with the need to ensure contributors are periodically refreshed. Is a two-year term appropriate and should we consider staggering elections and varying the appointment term of Council members (for the purposes of the creation of the Council) to avoid all members needing to be re-appointed at the same time?
  4. Compensation – recognising that participating in the Council requires a time commitment from members we propose to compensate Council members. The proposed compensation is £500 per half day. Do you agree with the proposal to compensate Council members and is the proposed approach about right?
  5. Is there anything else you feel we should consider in constituting the Advisory Council?

We encourage members to share their feedback via the request for views form. The consultation will launch on 1 February and be open until 1 March 2021.