Welcome to Nominet

We work at the heart of the internet infrastructure, running a world class registry, deploying sophisticated analytics to tackle cyber threats and finding new ways to connect people and devices. We invest our profits in ideas and projects that help build a vibrant digital future.


We’re the biggest domain name registry in the UK, responsible for the .uk, .cymru, and .wales top-level domains, and we play a behind the scenes role supporting bespoke domains for some of the world’s largest .brands.

Registry Services

Nominet is one of the world’s largest registry service providers, helping businesses, brands, geographies and communities around the world take advantage of their own top level domain.

Network & Cyber Services

We tackle threats at the infrastructure level, helping government and major corporations capture and analyse their DNS data for rapid detection and mitigation of attacks.

Emerging Technology

From dynamic spectrum management to autonomous vehicles, we’re helping shape the infrastructure for the internet of tomorrow.